The Volusia County Medical Society provides physician members with the tools and resources they need to effectively and efficiently navigate today’s medical maze.

The VCMS is extremely proud of our more than 100-year community presence. Spanning two centuries, the Society has had a significant impact on the lives and practices of physicians in Volusia County.

The VCMS was officially incorporated in 1949, although there are notes dating back to the late 1800’s that suggest that the unofficial beginning of the organization was just before the turn of the 20th century, just about the time of the first official Olympic games. Started by some of our area’s first physicians, the original members gathered to share information, discuss medical issues, and learned how to be better at their craft by working together. While methods of sharing medical information have most definitely evolved over the last 100+ years, the fundamental purpose of the Society remains unchanged.

Today, the practice of medicine is quite different from what our founding society members experienced. The independent practitioner is now more the exception than the rule, shadowed by larger group practices and hospital systems. In this ever-changing world of modern medicine, the VCMS must continually evolve to meet the personal and professional needs of all our physician members, regardless of what or how they practice the wonderful art and science of medicine.

The Volusia County Medical Society is a professional organization that serves the personal and professional needs of member physicians. As an organization, the Society is dedicated to professional health of our members, promoting the science and art of medicine, and engaging our members in their professional and personal communities.

1950 – Eric H. Lenholt, M.D. *
1951 – Pat Drohomer, M.D. *
1952 – Richard West, M.D. *
1953 – Morris Bromo Selter, M.D.*
1954- Cleland Cochrane, M.D. *
1955 – R. L. Miller, M.D. *
1956 – Theodore F. Hahn, M.D. *
1957 – Arthur Schwartz, M.D. *
1958 – A.A. Monaco, M.D. *
1959 – A.M. McCarthy, M.D. *
1960 – J. J. Cunningham, M.D. *
1961 – C.R. DeArmas, M.D. *
1962 – John Cheleden, M.D. *
1963 – Carroll Crouch, M.D. *
1964 – Hugh Crawford, M.D. *
1965 – Herb King, M.D. *
1966 – Michael Blais, M.D.
1967 – Russell Welsh, M.D. *
1968 – William Carter, M.D.
1969 – Tom Cook, M.D.
1970 – Richard Dodd, M.D.*
1971 – Richard Snodgrass, M.D.
1972 – Harry Gillis, M.D.
1973 – Thomas Ayres, M.D. *
1974 – Tom Wells, M.D.
1975 – Jim Carratt, M.D. *
1976 – Richard Dillard, M.D.
1977 – Irwin Leider, M.D. *
1978 – Jim White, M.D.
1979 – Frank Lill, M.D. *
1980 – William Jones, M.D. *
1981 – C.R. DeArmas, Jr., M.D.
1982 – Robert Lankford, M.D.
1983 – Martin Feigenbaum, M.D.
1984 – Roger Lewis, M.D.
1985 – Alvin E. Smith, M.D. *
1986 – H. S. Budd Treloar, M.D. *
1987 – Richard (Dick) Huster, M.D.
1988 – H. Frank Farmer, Jr., M.D.
1989 – Charles A. Stump, M.D. *
1990 – Nelita Ano, M.D. (first female president)
1991 – Stephen S. Spore, M.D.
1992 – Carl W. Lentz, III, M.D.
1993 – B. Thomas Brown, M.D., MBA
1994 – Remigio Lacsamana, M.D. *
1995 – Kimberlee T. Brown, M.D.
1996 – Richard H. Tessler, M.D.
1997 – Steven G. Miles, M.D.
1998 – Michael Bell, M.D.
1999 – Jacques Caldwell, M.D.
2000 – Kathleen Doughney, M.D.
2001 – James D. Henson, M.D.
2002 – Gerald Woodard, D.O., MBA
2003 – Thomas J. Yuschok, M.D.
2004 – Pamela P. Carbiener, M.D.
2005 – Michael A. Diamond, M.D.
2006 – James W. Weaver, M.D.
2007 – Tamara R. Clancy, M.D.
2008 – Elizabeth Eads, D.O.
2009 – Hendrik Dinkla, M.D.
2010 – Hezi Cohen, M.D.
2011 – Thomas M. Corbyons, M.D.
2012 – Michael A. Fabian, M.D.
2013 – J. Steven Bohannon, M.D.
2014 – Kathleen Williams, M.D.
2015 – Joel O. Bautista, M.D.
2016 – Scott D. Klioze, M.D.
2017 – Delicia M. Haynes, M.D. (first black president; youngest president)
2018 – Stephen A. Sevigny, M.D.
2019 – Andrew Gamenthaler, M.D. (current President)


Our Story

The strength of the Volusia County Medical Society is grounded in its members and committees, who work for and on behalf of the general welfare of the practicing physician, the public, and the medical community. Formally established in 1949, the VCMS currently hosts more than 325 practicing, retired, resident and student physicians who live and work in Volusia County.

Meet The VCMS Executive Committee

Each year in the fall, VCMS members gather to vote on their new leadership team. The Executive Committee is responsible for the direction and oversight of the Society.

Andrew Gamenthaler, M.D.
Andrew Gamenthaler, M.D.President
Dr. Gamenthaler is a General, Oncology, and Trauma Surgeon with North Florida Surgeons.
Nichole E. Robinson, D.O.
Nichole E. Robinson, D.O.Treasurer
Dr. Robinson is the Chief Medical Officer at the Daytona Beach Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic and is a Staff Rheumatologist.
Andria Klioze, M.D.
Andria Klioze, M.D.President Elect
Dr. Klioze is an Internal Medicine physician with the Veterans Administration specializing in diabetes and obesity medicine.
Steve Sevigny, M.D.
Steve Sevigny, M.D.Immediate Past President
Dr. Sevigny is a Radiologist specializing in Musculoskeletal Radiology and is a member of Radiology Associates Imaging.
Tina Tso, M.D.
Tina Tso, M.D.Secretary
Dr. Tso is a Family Medicine physician with Florida Health Care Plans.
Elizabeth Eads, D.O.Board of Governors
Dr. Eads is a Family Medicine physician and works with Solaris Healthcare.
Hal Kushner, M.D.Board of Governors
Dr. Kushner is an Ophthalmologist with Florida Healthcare Plans.

We are blessed to have such wonderful people care for our community. In the 7+ years I’ve worked for the Society, I’ve never had a single complaint about one of our physician members. To me, that says it all.

S. Bay
Executive Director

Our Partners

We are grateful for our community partners who assist us in providing outstanding educational and social opportunities for our members and allow us to provide the community with important healthcare information.