Halifax Health Family Medicine Residents

Halifax Health is the longest standing community based family medicine residency program in the state.


Accredited in 1971, the Halifax Health Family Medicine Residency Program is the first community hospital-based family medicine residency program in the state of Florida and one of the top time-honored programs in the nation.
In 1978, the Halifax Health Family Medicine Residency Program established its long-standing academic affiliation with the University of South Florida where the full-time faculty members have academic appointments.  The Program expanded from 18 to 21 residents in 1993, and then to 24 residents in 1996. In 1997 a Sports Medicine Fellowship Program was started and one physician is selected annually as the sports fellow.



The Program


The Family Medicine Residency Program at Halifax Health Medical Center is flexible and designed to fulfill each resident's individual needs and objectives. The program provides sequential and gradually increasing ambulatory care responsibility as well as realistic experiences required of family physicians. The family physician is primarily responsible for comprehensive ambulatory care. For this reason, our program increases the time allotted to ambulatory care and community medicine during the three year program. The first year is somewhat similar to a rotating internship with about 90 percent inpatient training and 10 percent ambulatory care. By the second year, time is divided equally between in hospital and ambulatory care services. In the third year, 80 percent of the resident's time is spent in outpatient training.

The program has a strong clinical orientation with a wealth of clinical material in the community and hospital. The learning opportunities in the program are structured to provide appropriate training for residents whether their future plans include solo, group or managed care practices, regardless of community size. A significant amount of training time involves preceptorships in private physician's offices. The call schedule decreases from first to third years to reflect trends being adopted nationwide. The residency program is affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine of the University of South Florida College of Medicine and Florida State University College of Medicine.



The Philosophy


The well-trained family physician should be capable of managing 90 percent of the problems he or she will encounter and can coordinate outpatient management and community support. The foundation of family medicine is based on close relationships between the doctor and the community. Because many university medical centers have become dominated by specialists, community hospitals such as Halifax Health Medical Center provide ideal settings for training. Our objectives are to provide:


  • Comprehensive family medicine training in inpatient and outpatient setting that allows graduating resident to feel confident and comfortable practicing in any milieu.
  • The highest quality of continuing, preventive comprehensive healthcare to patients.
  • Maturity, self-awareness, and awareness of personal limitiations.
  • Ongoing self-assessment.
  • Mastery of discipline required for continuing medical education.
  • Well-rounded knowledge in the political, social, governmental and business aspects of healthcare delivery.

The residency program is an equal opportunity employer. Residents are selected through the National Residency Matching Program. Applications will be received through ERAS, the American Association of Medical College's Electronic Residency Application Service. Applicants are screened for commitment to patients and community, as well as academic ability. Flexibility, teamwork and problem-solving ability are desirable. Selection is a group process with resident input being important. Perhaps the most important factor is the ability to get along and integrate efficiently with co-workers.

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