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The Volusia County Medical Society (VCMS) has been a staple of this medical community for more than 100 years. Today, the Society provides a place for physicians to exchange ideas, develop professional relationships, and build a referral network to make sure their patients are always getting the top-most care, regardless of specialty.

Membership includes:
  • Media presence within and outside Volusia County
  • Physician job posting network
  • Lawyer on Call program
  • Confidential, autonomous counseling at no charge (first three visits)
  • Social gatherings and unique experiences for members and guests
  • A voice in the state medical association
  • Discounted advertising rates
  • And so much more!

Membership Benefits

So how does a VCMS membership benefit you? In many, many ways! We’re committed to making VCMS an even stronger organization. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive as a VCMS Member…

The VCMS works in conjunction with the Florida Medical Association and the American Medical Association to inform Legislators at the state and national level on key legislative issues that impact physicians and their patients.

Each year the Volusia County Medical Society makes numerous referrals to VCMS physician members and patient referrals, as well. The Medical Society provides the public with information about member physicians’ medical backgrounds and board certifications.

Educational seminars are offered where experts present information on reimbursement, collections, medical law, Medicare updates, risk management, and more.

Socializing and networking with colleagues and their spouses is encouraged through various social events.

Contact information for the offices and specialties of member physicians is listed on the VCMS website Physician Directory.

Informational bulletins are sent via email on relevant legislative, regulatory, and healthcare related issues that affect medical practices. Additionally, the VCMS posts a physician job board to assist members in filling positions with well-qualified and highly-skilled medical talent.

Every licensed VCMS members receives a Premium CEBroker account as part of their membership. Additionally, CME events are offered throughout the year. These are often in conjunction with membership meetings or are promoted for other entities who offer free or reduced-fee educational events.

VCMS physicians are passionate about the communities in which they live and practice. Each year, the VCMS provides assistance to a variety of organizations…food drives, educational talks to students and adults, fitness events, etc.

When the VCMS office receives calls from patients who experience a breakdown of communication with a physician member or their office staff, the VCMS makes every effort to restore the channels of communication.

Patients have questions! This is your opportunity to help the general community by answering some frequently asked questions! Questions are printed in the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

A free benefit to VCMS members that provides free access to a healthcare attorney.

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Are you new to the area, your first year out of of Residency, or is this your first time applying to the VCMS? Great! As an extra incentive, your first year’s dues are only $200! We’re confident you’ll enjoy meeting your peers and colleagues so much, you’ll become a long-time member! 

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Please submit the following supporting documentation to
- your Curriculum Vitae
- a recent photograph (headshot)
- membership application and supporting documentation

After review and acceptance of your application by the VCMS Membership Chair and Committee, you will be recommended to the Executive Committee for acceptance and notified when the process is complete. If for any reason you are not accepted for membership, any monies paid will be refunded in full.



A member a Volusia County Physician who provides medical services three or more days weekly weekly. Full/Active Members do not need to complete a new application each year. A renewal will be mailed to Full/Active: $400.

Full/Active Members

We are convinced that being a member of this society will enhance your life, both personally and professionally. As physicians with years of training and experience practicing medicine, we all feel the mounting pressure from the current healthcare environment – regulations, legislation, EMR, value-based care, OSHA, HIPAA – the list can feel overwhelming! But there is good news. There is power in numbers and numbers can yield influence and results. That’s exactly why we’re asking each of you to renew your membership with the VCMS. Renewed memberships give us the best chance of strengthening our voice in our county and at the state level. Additionally, closer to home, it strengthens us as a profession and as professionals. Since 1949, and for decades before, the VMCS has helped physicians thrive. Please join us as we work together to make this year the best year yet.



S/He may be practicing medicine as a volunteer OR providing medical services to a group two or fewer days weekly: $60.

Retired Members

We want to personally thank you for continuing your membership with the Volusia County Medical Society (VCMS). Your service to our community and to the society is sincerely appreciated by all of us who follow in your footsteps.

Our “Hall of Famers” is an active group of physicians. Some are still active in practice; some active in charitable work; and some active on the golf course! Regardless of where your current passions reside, we look forward to your continuing role in the VCMS. Please join us as we work together to make 2019 the best year yet.



If you’d like to sponsor an FSU Student this year, you can certainly do so for only $60.  Please choose your membership renewal category and then add "Annual FSU COM Student Sponsorship" to your cart. Thank you!

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Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to experience the difference? Then today is the day you need to become involved in the Volusia County Medical Society!

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